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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The days began to speed by in a frenzy of-- unpacking --keeping Mum busy--searching for the dogs ( 27 acres is a lot freedom for 2 dobermans)--trying to find each other--trying to find simple things like knives and forks--locating the most convenient food stores-- getting to know the chateau--etc etc.

We managed to get the heating turned on , and gradually the guardians flat began to resemble a home. We knew that that once we got ourselves organised we could start spreading out into that east wing, and create a proper kitchen, use the two grand salons as a dining room and a lounge and install a bathroom in what we were currently using as a kitchen. Our bedroom was going to be in the room that was our present lounge. Then we had to tackle the plans for the renovation. The ground floor consisted of the east wing , which was our private area. The rest of the area consisted of a lovely large reception hall, a staircase hall with a massive wide white stone winding staircase( both of these areas had their original tiles), a long gallery room which gave on to rear terrace , and a large beautiful ballroom. Both the ballroom and the gallery had original parquet flooring , but which needed restoring. There was also another large salon, and a chapel with stained glass windows. The floor area on each floor was 1000 m2.

We studied the bedrooms at length and our plan was to establish 15 self-contained apartments on the 1st and 2nd floors ranging from studios toone, two and three bedroomed appartments. So it was quite an ambitious plan for a couple with no previous experience in that sort of thing. We wondered what the cost might amount to......................


  1. 80 rooms and you were sitting around drinking champagne..hahahah....I would have been scrounging around everywhere, forget the bubbly!! Fun fun following along.

  2. Well, I'm totally hooked on your story. I'm also very envious at your courage to take on such a big place.

  3. Hey, Delphine!
    I'm blown away that you...

    1. not only found my blog, but took the time to make such a sweet comment!

    2. Have such an awesome blog! Your writing is lovely and your graphics take me to fairyland!

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of another Great-Grandchild!!! You were a child bride, weren't you?
    Best wishes to you!

  4. Thankyou to Sandy and Cori and Cottage girl for such heart-warming compliments. As I am unfolding my story I keep wondering if it is too boring-- so you have really bucked me up. I have to take a break at the end of this week from saturday, and will not have access to the internet for about a week and a half, am really sorry , but I will return. I am getting withdrawal symptoms already and want to go on posting...

  5. Delphine, I am thoroughly enjoying your story... the scope of your project is enormous and I can't wait to see your progress..

  6. Thank you Gwen,I have spent most of today searching and searching for photos that we took on that first day of viewing. I have found some which I shall post up tomorrow, have a left it a bit late for today..

  7. Oh no, don't you dare think this is boring and whatever will I do without updates for a week!

  8. Not boring.

    But I was disappointed about the apartments. Sure, I know you needed income. But I wanted to roller skate!

  9. Oh I am pleased you are not bored; Yes, Ruth I thought initially that apartments might not be the way to go, but there are going to be lots of extras which turns it into something quite swish, also we only wanted to trade for the season which gave us 6 months or more of peace and of having the chateau to ourselves and our family.