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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, it wasn't as bad as this, but I couldn't resist posting this wonderful picture!
We were moving from a mobile home, posh name for a large caravan! But you wouldn't believe how much we had to cram into the large Pickford lorries. Huge amounts! Where did it all come from? I must admit we were both hoarders-- I have never been able to throw anything away . Honestly, I still have outfits from the '60's ( keeping them for 60's parties that I'm waiting to be invited to!!!) . Alex was the same, thank goodness, or I would not have all his papers and poems which I am posting on my other blog . Anyway back to moving day. On top of all the boxes , cases, furniture etc etc; there were two male Dobermans, Axle & Rocky, one ginger tom, Ginger paws , and my 81 year old mother, Celia ! My daughter and her boyfriend were going to baby-sit the caravan business until the new owners arrived.
By the time the lorries departed, it was getting late, we were in the Isle of wight, so our plan was to stay in Dover at an hotel for the night and catch the boat the next morning. I didn't mention that Alex belonged to a shooting club and had a passion for guns,and there was no way he would entrust them to Pickfords, so we actually walked into the hotel with two dobermans and a large gun case that resembled Al Capones'. All credit to the hotel receptionist, he didn't bat an eyelid!!
Got to cook dinner now, so, more tomorrow......


  1. I've read all your post, I'll be looking forward to hearing more! Just beautiful there. The photo with the snow looks like it should be in a fairy tale book:)

  2. Thankyou Anet. It has snowed again today, cold but beautiful. I am so enjoying re-living my journey.

  3. I've been so busy that I have to catch up and now I have lots to read!

  4. Your blog hit me by a positive way.
    I really like your style of writing. fascinating story... I'll keep following.