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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today in the present time, I have been searching through all my boxes of photos for some that we might have taken on those first few weeks in the Chateau, and , HOORAY , I have found a few. Trouble is the day has absolutely sped by ( with other issues) and I have not had enough time to scan the photos, which I will do tomorrow. However I have pestered my lovely four daughters to also search through their photos and my second born, Danielle, has triumphed and sent two pictures which she took of the front and rear of La Roche Hue. I thought I would publish them today as I had only just remarked on Monday's about the difference between the rear and front of the east wing. So here they are -- sorry they are a bit small :-(

My other daughter, Michaela has sent me a picture of part of the magnificent staircase , so I will post that up too, so here it is....

I look forward to continuing my story tomorrow,
Bon fin journée.....


  1. Love that staircase, and what I can see of the chateau, ha! they are small but I enjoyed seeing them, wow, so beautiful!!!

  2. At last, a photo inside! I have been in suspenders, as we say.

    I'm loving this in installments. It must be how it used to be reading magazine series weekly or monthly. But wonderful daily! We will all be in withdrawal next week while you're away.

    But I suppose your life must go on. Think nothing of me.

  3. I've been waiting for a peek inside! Such a grand staircase. Beautiful!

  4. To Sandy, Ruth and Anet, thankyou all for continuing to follow my story, I am having such a lot of pleasure re-living it all. There will be a few more pictures today. The pictures do not do the staircase justice , it reall was beautiful; you might be amused to read today's post on my other blog -- about 'the day my husband became a woman!

  5. What an exotically beautiful place... You must have been in awe at every corner!!! what a staircase.. sweeping and solid!!!