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Monday, February 2, 2009


This is the Manor House that got us buzzing......

As soon as we could we packed our bags, loaded up the car and took off for France to search for our new life.

The manor itself was very elegant, with far reaching views at the back of the property. The owner kindly showed us all around, they had already converted the outbuildings into Chambres for letting, but they appeared to us to be gloomy with not a lot of potential to change things. Overall we were a little disappointed, and realised that this particular property was not going to be the one to get us to move to France.

After a superb lunch and a glass of red in Villeneuve sur Lot, our mood lifted and we wandered through the town looking at the many Agences Immobiliers. To our great surprise we found that they had quite a few ' Chateaux' at amazingly low prices; so we signed on with the agents who all promised to send us suitable properties for our project...............

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  1. I am thrilled to find you... your adventure and your storytelling is wonderful.. I love castles.. I've never been in one though.. so I am excited to read all about yours...