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Monday, February 9, 2009


So this was the day we got the official guided tour of la Roche Hue with the agent, who was initially totally unaware that we had ' broken-in' the day before. It was interesting to note that he tried to avoid the areas which needed the most attention ( ie the attics), but we insisted on seeing everything! To our amazement there were the most beautiful outbuildings included in the sale, and a small lake loaded with carp ( see pics). There were also stables with 4 stalls and two birthing boxes, in not too bad a condition. The total parkland was 11ha ( approx. 27 acres).

It seemed to us unbelievable that the asking price was £200 000. We were told by the English agent who was handling the property that it was an old Victorian pile -UH? No way! It had stood empty and neglected for five years , but generally was in good condition. Apparently it was nearly bought by the Russians for an International School but the sale had fallen through. We took a good four hours looking around and then after confessing to our break-in ( the french agent just chuckled) headed back to the Hotel for some serious thinking and discussion. We knew that we had another Five Chateaux to look at so decided to squash our feelings for making an immediate offer and do the 'sensible' thing and look at the other chateaux.


  1. What a huge piece of property, 27 acres... This place looks huge. I imagine the guy was surprised to hear you had broken in. I don't know what that money amount translates to in our currency but it sounds like you thought it was a good price.

  2. The agent was very laid back about it, the french seem to take everything in their stride,but of course he realised that we were very keen so he didnt make a fuss. In 1988 average size chateaux were selling for a minimum of £400 000 so takinng into account the size of the Chateau and its park we thought it was a bargain;