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Friday, January 30, 2009


If I could pin-point the moment which changed our lives forever, I would choose the day I was recovering in hospital following a biopsy! Oh, the results were good- I was fine-but it was the magazine that did it! I had been leafing through " Country Life" when I came across an ad for a french Manor House in the Lot Valley. It was gorgeous, with turrets and land - for only
£85 000! I mean even in 1988, that was cheap. Well, I was 40 something, desperately searching for some excitement to forget the rapidly approaching 'old age'---and that did it! I knew at that moment which direction our future should take. When Alex ( my lovely husband) arrived for visiting I was all fired up and suggested we spend my recovery time in France to check out the Manor House. To my amazement he agreed, and so our adventure began!