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Friday, January 30, 2009


If I could pin-point the moment which changed our lives forever, I would choose the day I was recovering in hospital following a biopsy! Oh, the results were good- I was fine-but it was the magazine that did it! I had been leafing through " Country Life" when I came across an ad for a french Manor House in the Lot Valley. It was gorgeous, with turrets and land - for only
£85 000! I mean even in 1988, that was cheap. Well, I was 40 something, desperately searching for some excitement to forget the rapidly approaching 'old age'---and that did it! I knew at that moment which direction our future should take. When Alex ( my lovely husband) arrived for visiting I was all fired up and suggested we spend my recovery time in France to check out the Manor House. To my amazement he agreed, and so our adventure began!


  1. And what an adventure you have had!!!! so far!!!

  2. salut delphine,
    I adore your blog&fotos and especialy how you describe your live-story
    bright blessings

  3. Thankyou Sonyana, is that your name? Have a good Sunday, I hope it is bright and sunny and not too cold;

  4. I'm back to read from the beginning and it seems that you've just started the blog so it should be easy to catch up. Enjoying the first post so much and now I'm excited to learn more.

  5. Like Sandy I'm here to start reading your adventure. I hadn't seen this blog before today.

  6. Hello Delphine,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. As promised, here I am to have a look at your little bit of France - and it seems like quite a big bit really! I shall look foward to catching up with events.