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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Update: we had turned up uninvited at the Chateau we were about to view with an agent the following day ( year 1988).....

The tree lined drive seemed to go on forever, but we stopped at about halfway as a huge tree had come down across the driveway. Undaunted, we leapt out of the car, climbed over the tree and continued up the drive which was now winding through the parkland. Suddenly Roche Hue loomed into view and it really was breathtaking. It rose from a 'sous sol' ( in a dry moat) to the attic rooms , five floors in all. The agent had told us that it had been empty for five years, so we didnt feel like we were traspassing. Archie, our scottish friend wandered off , and Alex and I just stood open mouthed and gazed at the grounds surrounding the Chateau . Suddenly the huge great door started to creak open,and to our total astonishment Archie's grinning face peered out! HE HAD CLIMBED IN THROUGH A BROKEN WINDOW !! So, guiltily , we entered, feeling like Christmas had come early. A chance to take a thorough look without the agents blurb, was a real bonus! We examined every floor , every nook and cranny and looked for all the obvious defects. It was actually late 18th century, so , inspite of the institutional wallpaper ( from when it was a school) it was in a reasonable condition and, unusually, most of the beautiful fire-places were still intact. The entrance hall was magnificent and large with original tiled floors and a fireplace , then there was a separate hall just for the staircase. A long parquet floored gallery room led from the entrance hall, and that in turn gave on to an outside terrace overlooking the parkland. We travelled from room to room, floor by floor and loved it all, but it was sooo big, and we were beginning to doubt attempting such a huge project. It was beginning to get dark, so, reluctantly we dragged ouselves away, carefully closing up and returned to the hotel BUZZING with our find!


  1. How fun to get to look through with no one around. It sounds so big, five floors. wow.

  2. Wish I had taken photographs on that day-I have been spending ages sorting through old photos, have found a few, will post them up as I go along.