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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Back to the farm!
To briefly re-cap:-

In 1989 , we ( my husband and I) had bought this abandoned 80 roomed Chateau in the Loire Valley France, with a next to none knowledge of the french language- Moved in with the dogs and my 82 year old mother--- Renovated the Chateau over the next year and turned it into a holiday letting business by creating 15 self-catering appartments-- bought six horses -- traded successfully for two seasons, and were now contemplating purchasing a nearby derelict farm with its 170 acres with the intention of creating an 18 hole golf course!!!

We must have been totally in cloud cuckoo land!

NO! Not that one!

Yup! That is the one --up with the fairies!

Well, I suppose you would call us risk takers-- but we did have a plan!

Our plan was 1) to get as much information as we could about creating a golf-course and everything that has to be done leading up to it. Then, 2) to buy the farm and the land. Then 3) hire a golf-course advisor(?) to create it for us on paper. Then , 4) Apply for planning permission for the course and a club house ( the farm) --and finally, 5) we would then sell the whole deal ( farm and all) to somebody who had the money and ambition to go ahead with the course! Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Yes you are right - it wasn't!

However , we threw caution to the winds, and we bought the farm! Now that was fun at first, as we set about exploring all those acres that were ours, and climbing up into the attic of the old farm building and finding things, like original wooden clogs ( goodness knows how old they were, and what a pity I haven't a photo of them) and boxes of old abandoned pairs of glasses? Wasn't that a strange find! We wondered why they were kept, there were at least 50 pairs;

We also found two fantastic huge old pots which were full of some alcoholic substance, my cousin who was there at the time sampled some and thought it was brandy! We kept those pots and they stand today in our courtyard......

Is it my imagination or can I still smell the brandy ?

These are Chris' legs , bless, to give you an idea of their size -- the pots not the legs:)

Another great joy at that time was I could take my horse up there and ride to my hearts content!

You will perhaps have noticed by now that , referring to the plan, point one was not actioned at all, i.e. we took no counselling apart from buying lots of golf magazines and visited a few golfcourses about an hours drive away! Incidentally, neither of us had ever played golf, and I still haven't, enjoyable though it looks!

I try not to let my posts go on too long as there is always so much to relate! It is getting towards evening meal time now so I had better start cooking , we have fish tonight, so à demain!


  1. I'll say one thing, you give impulsiveness a whole new definition! Why let a little ignorance stand in the way of a good thing! :) The farm sounds lovely indeed. Can't wait to hear the outcome!

  2. First of all ... Did your family think you were crazy?
    I admire you, Delphine! You were living out your dream and that made life that much more exciting!
    Can't wait for the next installment!

  3. it is a wonder that the brandy didn't knock your friend out!!! do you still have those wooden clogs? what a fun find! about your comments on fleas on my you all not have advantage plus? have to get it at the vets. collars and sprays are worthless as you know!!!

  4. to Susan,I think impulsiveness is my middle name :)The farm was great, and hey! you only get one chance at life!

  5. Hi Cottage Girl, yes they all thought we were barking! and , on reflection I think we must have been adrenalin junkies!

  6. Kritter keeper,it is a shame about the clogs, we kept them for a while but they disappeared when we moved out of the Chateau. I used Frontline on the dogs--which was recommended by the Vet, but I found it not very effective, but haven't spotted advantage plus yet-I will try to find it.Actually though, I haven't seen anymore ticks recently on the dogs Thanks for the info!

  7. You are incredibly courageous. Those pots are huge-but are they completely empty now?

  8. Bonjour Rudee and thankyou for visiting my blog! Yes the pots are empty now, and just used for decorative value-I would like to know how old they are though!

  9. I love golf....even if I'm just average at it.... I love getting out there..

    you definitely live life to the max....good for you ...

  10. Hi Bumblevee-I enjoyed your blog about golf and two cheeky chappies who you play with!!

  11. I wish I was as brave as you!
    The exploring the nooks and cranies would of been so fun. Those vases are amazing, I bet there worth a small fortune! Noah really likes them:)
    We bought a old house and didn't find a thing in it.

  12. HI Anet, yes those vases were really a find! When we bought the Chateau, vast though it was, there was nothing in it, no sign of anyone having lived there except the vermin and the rooks.

  13. totally enjoyed the recap and those pots are gorgeous!!! If only I could see this place in person!

  14. By the way give my best regards to Chris.

  15. We have that kind of spontaneous urge, but no money to follow through, ha. So I completely relate to your endeavors.

    We would have been agog in that old farmhouse looking through the treasures. The pots are splendid, so glad you kept and use them.

    You are doing a very good job keeping your posts to a just-right length, thank you for that.

  16. Sandy, I have passed your best wishes on to Chris, thankyou-- he is doing really well, and enjoying walking and a little light gardening! I am now wondering what the place looks like now?

  17. Ruth, I love thos pots, but they are extremely heavy, they have moved house 3 times now! I am glad you think the posts are a reasonable length, I am always aware of not rambling on for too long!