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Monday, April 20, 2009


Back to La roche Hue........

That first Summer was drawing to an end and we were feeling quite tired and a bit down, when suddenly a last minute ' long- weekend ' reservation came through! It was for an Agatha Christie weekend!! I had heard of them before but had no idea of the format. We contacted the people for the details on what was expected and were pleased to hear that they would arrange it all-- the only thing we had to do was to keep the bar open ( haha) and enjoy the occasion. It was just what we needed to give us a lift!

What fun it turned out to be--everybody bought costumes for the scenes which were to be enacted in order to discover the murderer.

For those who are ignorant on how it works ( like myself)-- everybody is given a part to play with a written synopsis on the story and the character they have to play ; with details on what they were doing around the time of the murder..

The only person who knows who the murderer is, is the one person who receives that written information. I am not explaining this very well, probably because I have never taken part-- all I know is that they did, by questioning each other and by trial and error, discover who the muderer was ............. errr, I think it was the vicar !!

Another surprise event was a demand for wedding photos to be taken in the grounds of the Chateau. There was no payment involved, but we decided it was good to be able to offer something to the community, so we agreed. It turned out to be a very strange event, for no guests at all showed up for the pictures and the bride and groom looked so fed up and not at all happy!!!! This is the picture we took of them.......

You see what I mean? The body language says it all.............

We made hay for the first time that year too, with the help of neighbours who owned all the farmland around the Chateau. Their family were one of the original owners of La Roche Hue, and it was them who sold the Chateau to the Algerian Government, from whom we bought our lovely home.

Making hay whilst the sun shines!!

So that was it the end of the first year and ALEX and I were preparing to go away for a good rest and leave the Chateau in the capable hands of Archie and my daughter and her boyfriend.


  1. Hi Delphine,
    we had a series of the murder mystery parties in the early 90s too. I remember cracking whips and floozy gals...

    The wedded couple certainly don't look like they are experiencing bliss...I wonder if they are still together...
    Happy days

  2. Yes, that wedding couple's body language does not say "happily ever after"! Oh dear.

    The murder mystery weekend sounds great! I've always wanted to do one of those. Easy planning for you, too! Just bring on the booze! :)

    I love the picture of the hayfield and what a surprise--they make round bales in France, too!

  3. I've been to one Murder/Mystery event. What fun it was! I can imagine how much fun it must have been to be at La roche Hue and be a part of the play with your estate as the backdrop!!

    You wonder if that couple who had their picture taken stayed married for very long, don't you?

  4. I have attended a few of these mystery dinners and they are so much fun. The wedding photo is a classic. They do look sad or tired, but who knows what was really on their minds. Have a great day!

  5. I imagine there is no end to events and activities you could host at a chateau. Writing workshops, conferences, all sorts of things.

    Yes, the poor wedding couple. I hope our farm wedding couple will look more lively in August. :)

    I'm happy you're back, Delphine!

  6. To Delwyn, Susan ,Cottage Girl,Brenda and Ruth Thankyou for your comments, I too wonder about the married couple, they looked like that for almost the entire photo session. Perhaps the occasion proved to be too overwhelming!

  7. Another great post. I have heard of those parties but never have I been to one. Wedding couple, yeah they kind of look down in the dumps.

  8. IEveryone seemed to enjoy the fun at the party Sandy, but it seemed ages before the murderer was found,I think the dressing up and getting into character is the best bit!

  9. I have often wondered what one of these would be like. Now I have a clearer idea. You've whetted my appetite, I think!

  10. hello again Dave thanks for dropping by,and for your comments! I have posted a short poem by Alex on my other blog which you might be interested in.