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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As recorded yesterday in my other blog, we are having tree problems which has interupted my blogging for today-- Have any of you had any similar problems following last Winter? Even back to last Spring our Horse Chestnut trees were looking sad and did not produce any healthy conkers. Take a look at our devastation!

Back tomorrow....


  1. I presume Eutope was struck with the chestnut blight that eliminated the regular chestnuts here. Thought horse chestnuts were immune. At least there were a bunch of them where I grew up in Pennsylvania. But Mother Nature is a bitch. So are those beetles and all the stuff they carry. Like Dutch elm disease and the pine bark beetles. Should get a picture of the devastated pine trees around here. Ask the local forestry department what to put in their place. Move on and remember your friends as you burn their wood this coming winter..

  2. Oh my. When a tree goes down it is like losing a good old friend. I'm so sorry that you have lost so many.
    Several years ago, in the course of 6 months we lost 3 large trees. They came down due to violent storms and a thick freezing rain, however, ... not just by themselves. Very scary!

  3. Hello SI, Thanks for the info., the bad news regarding wood fires is that in this Chateau, the two main chimney stacks are crossing each other so that when you light a fire in the large salon, it smokes the bedroom above out . The good news is that we have good ceentral heating, but I miss having log fires! We will have to ge the main chimney re-shafted.

  4. Cottage girl, It really is like losing a friend, and when you think of the years they have governed that position, only to crash down it's so sad. I am sorry about your trees too!