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Thursday, April 2, 2009



To begin with, a quick update on my man Chris-- he is cheerful and seems to be making good progress. He is still in intensive care but has been helped to a chair today, so that is the first time he has been out of bed. He said it felt soooo good! The Doctors and nurses have been very cheerful and informative, which makes such a difference. Fingers crossed it is hopeful that he will be home sometime next week, but then he must not do anything much at all for one month at which time he will have to go back for tests to see if the damage to his heart has healed.He will be allowed to walk for about half hour a day, they say. At last- a target to focus on! With this encouraging news I feel able to resume my story.

THE PAST.......
Back to Spring 1990 at Chateau La Roche Hue.

We were open for business at last! What a strange feeling that was! 'People' were milling around our home! They were trying out all our facilities , wandering around the grounds, asking endless questions like how and why we came to be there, booking horse-rides ( yippee, the horses would all be fit) using the gymnasium, playing tennis, having a drink at the bar,

playing pool and table-tennis,

and swimming in the pool.....

FANTASTIC -- everything was working! and you would never guess --NO ' EXPECTED' COMPLAINTS! We were estatic, it made all that hard work and worry worthwhile.

Then we had a call from the "Sunday Times" who had heard about us, and they asked if they could do an interview!!!! We were amazed, but, of course, said YES! I would be good publicity for us. The end result was a double page spread in their sunday supplement, the headlines really made us giggle..............
but it so embarassed our four daughters who were absolutely horrified that we were " going public "!
Ah well-- they eventually got used to us and our passion for Chateaux.


  1. Good to hear your man's on the mend.

  2. So do I call you M'lady now?

    I'm glad to hear the the man is back upright, and you can resume your story too.

    best wishes to Chris...

  3. All of this sounds so fascinating! I haven't had a chance to read all of your blog stories yet, but will. Also, so happy to hear that Chris is recovering. Thank you for the very kind words you left at my blog!

  4. Thanks Akim, so am I, what a shock it was!

  5. Haha! I will pass you best wishes on, he will be pleased, thankyou Delwyn.

  6. I would so love to be the lady of a chateau (officially). I believe what you have done is called living a life to the fullest.

    Glad to hear he is on the mend. Best wishes coming our way.

    And PS, the numbers used in my Squint Shot titles are for the date they are posted. :) In my lifetime I have probably taken 50,000 photos, and now wish I had them all!

  7. Dear Brenda, glad you read my message and it wasn't wiped off! I am delighted you like my life story, it is such fun recalling everything and hunting thro' the old photo boxes -- that is what takes up most of my time as I go off on a daydream ! Hope you are feeling a little brighter.

  8. Hello M, er Wow! 50,000 ? that is some shutter pressing- all those moments in time that you have frozen, have you thought of publishing a book?

  9. Delphine, I am so glad to hear that Chris is on the mend. Give him our best.

  10. Dearest Lady Delphine!!!

    What a place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm speechless!

    Oh my goodness! Look at all the people! I knew that you would have a lot of guests! Perfect place to spend a holiday!

    What a grand pic of you and your husband! You look like royalty!

    Continued good thoughts and wishes going your way!

  11. I'm so glad to hear he's feeling better. I know you must be so relieved!
    Love that interview! You look very regal standing on the stairs:)

  12. HELLO Matt,Thankyou for your good wishes, I will certainly pass them on!

  13. Hi Cottage Girl! It took a lot to find a dress to wear-I am a trousers girl! HUH ' girl' who am I kidding? Thankyou especially for your good wishes.

  14. You are right I really am relieved, what a scary thing life is!

  15. Glad Chris got to "move". It must have felt so good after being in bed so long. And may he continue to progress and heal. Loved reading the latest installment and seeing the article. You know you are on your path when things "work".

  16. So pleased to hear Chris is on the mend as they say.

  17. Thankyou Sandy, Wasn't sure whether or not to put the article up,don't want fellow bloggers to think I am on an ego trip, I was just thrilled that they were reporting favourably on all our efforts, and also I am amused at the headline.

  18. So kind of you Winifred, he looked really good yesterday, thankyou.

  19. Delphine So glad to read the positive news .. Best wishes on your gentlemans recovery..

    Everything about the chateau is so grand.. larger than life.. so exciting.. I am living it right along with you.. The pool is so majestic and everything works together so well.. What a truly handsome portrait of the two of you at the foot of the staircase.. I am so glad you are telling your story!!!

  20. First off great news about your Chris. Hallelujah!

    Second, it is so satisfying to see the people there enjoying your place. And of course a newspaper piece, perfect.