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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My man is home and all is well with the world..........

With reference to yesterday's post, we had another exciting occasionthat first year! The local region's Brass Band asked if they could perform a concert in the grounds of the Chateau . It would be an event which would be open to the general public-mainly local residents! How could we refuse! Not only would be find it enjoyable but so would our holidaymakers, and the Bar would maybe profit from the occasion as well!

Preparations were put underway, leaflets were put around the town, we rushed of to the local 'cash&carry' for extra stock for the Bar, and waited with anticipation for the day to arrive...

The day dawned hot and sunny, local guys arrived with stacks of benches and arranged them facing the rear of the Chateau. The Band arrived early to set up! They were mostly young men and a couple of girls, and all beautifully dressed all in white. In fact they looked like an English cricket team ( smile). They arranged their chairs and instruments at the base of the steps leading down from the Gallery and its terrace.

Suddenly people started flocking in-- that was such a relief for us because although we thought it might be popular, there was always that doubt that not many people would turn up,which would have been awful for the local committee who had arranged it all. Everybody started to arrrange themselves on benches and greeted each other in the only way that french people do, like they hadn't seen each other for years!! The air was abuzz with french conversation.

After initially tuning up, the Band started to play, and they were GOOD! It was a thrill for us to be hosting an occasion like this and light years away from the life we had back in England. We thought of our daughters still there and wished that they were with us.
The interval came and there was a rush for the bar, and we were ready for them. It was great to see our English tourists mixing and chatting to the french locals- getting along really well.

So what an evening that was! A good time was had by everybody and , I suppose, we were involved in helping along a little " entente cordiale "!

We were so happy with our life at the end of that first summer, but little did we know that there was a dark cloud on the horizon!


  1. Oh no... you left us in suspense!

    I'm glad your man is home safe and well:)

  2. Great news about Chris! You both relax and recuperate!

    What a life you have lead! Balloons, then concerts ... What a wonderful venue! I'm so glad you are writing about it!

  3. This is wonderful !!
    i do hope i'll be able to visit your beautiful château sometime...
    it certainly makes a fantastic venue for a brass band concert..

    also, i'm glad your man is well and back..

    i'll send you an email sometime about enlarging pics. At the moment, i'm too busy....couldn't even blog today !

  4. Hello Delphine,
    another lovely memory you have turned into a story for us, Thanks
    Happy recuperating days

  5. Delphine,
    I've been away and am just catching up. I'm so happy that things are going well in the here and now with Chris. That must have been very stressful, but doesn't it make all the little things seem so much more sweeter and meaningful.

  6. Anet: yes, looking back on life there is always shade with the light!

    Cottage Girl: we will relax, Chris has to take it very easy, so that is a good excuse for me too!

    Castle in Spain: Thanks for your good wishes and comments! No rush about the pictures, I am beginning to think that my template will not allow a larger size!

  7. Delwyn: Thanyou for your wishes, and I am pleased to see you following my story.

  8. to Cori- welcome back! Thanks for your good wishes, yes life is much sweeter with my man at my side. he is doing really well and obeying the Doctors orders!

  9. Enjoy yourselves while you take it easy. Maybe you will play some Cribbage, or Rummy or Scrabble?

    Like Anet I ended this post saying 'oh no!' and now I can't wait to hear what's next . . .

  10. I love the joy the pictures show. Along with your story! I also really enjoy the architecture of the castle. Glad to hear your man is better!!

  11. Oh, scrabble is definitely our game, Ruth, we are both very competitive. There is a story comng up which is not so good, however I shall take a break first for easter to spoil Chris.

  12. I am well pleased that you are enjoying and following my story, Brenda, thankyou for your good wishes!

  13. Thank you so much for visiting and please come again. We're not always sad at Star's Rest, in fact, we are often a bit giddy with happiness! Carmon

  14. Thankyou Carmon for visiting my blog, I am glad you are not too sad. I am taking a week's break but shall be back to visit you after that.

  15. That must have been a great occasion. I love brass bands we don't hear them so much now.

    Look forward to the next episode!

  16. hello,

    well, I am hooked on your story too, what an interesting and challenging life you had so far. And so brave to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown!!! But you know, this could be a great book too!!! Looking forward reading on. The Chateaux you live in now, is that open for guests too???

  17. Enjoyed the catch up and so glad Chris is home!

  18. P.S. I am still posting. Blogger has a problem and my new posts are not being feed to other bloggers' bloglists so it appears as if I am stuck with Florence!

    I am feeling very lonely today!

  19. Hello Eskuvo! Welcome to my blog, I tried to look at you but your profile is not available--are you a blogger too?
    I have thought of writing my story as a book, and I do intend to start on it this year,so keep your fingers crossed for me!
    My present Chateaux is our home and not a business, but between my partner an myself we have a huge family, so, yes, lots of visitors!

  20. Hello sandy, always a pleasure to see you, I am so missing my blogging and will re'start tomorrow, and pay you a visit to catch up myself!

  21. Bonjour Winifred, glad you liked the brass band, I do too- it's so rousing! It was such a lot of fun, and they played really well. Will resume blogging tomorrow am looking forward to it!

  22. Hi Delphine,
    what a great story your life is. Alas my chateau is a lot smaller lol, and a lot more down to earth...literally.

    Do drop in if you get the time:

    Please keep posting too!
    Waving from Santorini ~~~

  23. Michael, I have visited your site and I find your cave fascinating- have you literally moved in there? I have left you a comment!

  24. Hi
    It has been really interesting reading your story. Not sure if you remember us or not but we came to stay in your chateau for 2 weeks in Summer 1990 and came back Summer 1994 and got married there in the village and we came back afterwards to the chateau.
    It was quite sad to find out that it has now been turned into apartments as the reason I was searching on the internet was to see if the chateau was still available for holidaying.
    Its strange to see some of your photographs as we had our wedding photographs at the front of the chateau, at the bottom of the staircase and also some taken at the back of the Chateau with the horses. Unfortunately at the moment we only have access to our wedding album which was only around 15 pictures. The others are with other family members of which we no longer have contact.
    We have been on many holidays but it is one of the places that really sticks in my mind, the fishing was fantastic and we had a great time and really good memories of staying at the Chateau.
    My email address if you want any more information or pics for your story is

    Simon & Anne