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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Chateau La Roche Hue in the snow...... click to enlarge

It was February and although we didn't actually have snow that first February, we did need to get someone to revise the central heating system, so we searched the french yellow pages and came up with a Guy , capital 'G' because that actually was his name! He lived nearby so we decided to call him for an estimate. It turned out that he was a good friend of our Notaire, who, by now had become a good friend ( and still is to this day) so we felt, that was all the recommendation he needed. We explained what our plans were ( creating 15 apartments on the first and second floors) and he set about the long assessment. I am unable to remember the first estimate he came up with, but I do remember that we both balked at it! The one thing we learned fast about living in France is that everything is " discutable" and Alex and I at that time needed to bargain to achieve everything that we had planned to do. To take a break from the 'discussion of pricing' we took him on a guided tour of our plans for the ground floor, which seemed to interest him . The visit suddenly ended then and he announced he would return the next day with a written estimate.

Early next morning Guy arrived with a smile on his face ! He had reduced our estimate, however he had a new proposition to put to us, one that would make our eyes pop!

He wanted to hire main ground floor salons for the wedding of his daughter!!! Bearing in mind that the whole of the ground floor needed renovating ,floors- windows- paintwork- walls etc etc. We asked him when the wedding was planned for. " June" he replied! -- WHAT!!! we thought!

This is a photo of theoriginal state of the paintwork in the ballroom, flower cornice black with mould, paintwork a grey wash , horrific institution lighting etc.


Yes you've guessed -- we had to accept didn't we! How exciting-- and would we get finished in time ??


  1. Delphine, you really know how to tease. I get so excited with each new picture of the interior. Even in their "original" state I find them lovely with all that amazing detail!

  2. I'm glad to see you arrived home ok. I'm enjoying the story and will link today..

  3. Thanks Cori, finding the photos is a problem for me, although I moved in here a year ago I still have boxes unpacked, and spend hours trying to find photos I took 20 years ago, however I am getting there!

  4. Hi Angela, I was on line when you popped in. Keep posting those lovely pictures of Nice, I expect you are bathing in sunshine!

  5. I am in love with this photo of the laneway leading to your Castle!!! it is enchanting and even more so with the dusting of snow...

    Life always has a surprise around every corner doesn't it!!
    what a grand place for a wedding.. that "Guy" knew a good thing when he saw it!!!

  6. Yes, Gwen, it certainly was a surprise for us on that very viewing when we rounded the bend. Love at first sight does exist!

  7. I agree with Cori that I love seeing every interior shot. And with Gwen about that first view, wow! And in snow it is downright fairy-like.

    I have fallen behind on your posts, but it doesn't matter one bit. I'll catch up at my own pace. No way will I jump ahead. I will savor every one.

    So fun, thank you for doing it so well in installments.