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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, there we all were, Mum, Alex, me, Archie, our dear friend, daughter Victoria, and Richard her boyfriend all beavering away inside this huge beautiful Chateau.

When we pulled off that paper in the grand entrance hall we could see a beautiful smooth plastered wall which had lines painted on it resembling brick work ( if you know what I mean), you can actually see it in the photo in the last post. Archie set about re-painting the walls and re-doing the lines! What a task that was, but he could really work miracles , nothing seemed too difficult a task for him. Whilst he was with us at Roche Hue, he painstakingly made a beautiful complete model of the Chateau by hand, even down to copying the detail of the interior decoration. Each floor lifts out. It took him six months to complete. I still have this generous gift, and I am proud to show you the photo below.

This picture was taken at my third Chateau . It gives a good idea of the model's proportions and of Archies' artisitic craftmanship. He was a sign writer too, and made our entrance sign-board which we erected at the entrance to our driveway .

I found this picture of Archie, fishing in the little lake at La roche Hue.

Sadly Archie died in 2001 just three weeks before my lovely husband passed away. I like to think that they are together, as they were such good pals, and that they are both following my blog memories of such an exciting time.


  1. The Model is beautiful!! What a joy to have and remember with... and such a talent your friend Archie was..

    Yes let's hope your late husband and Archie are together watching you tell this story!!!

  2. The model of the Chateau IS beautiful! And the floor lifts out! What a wonderful keepsake!

    Hope your cold is better!

  3. Thankyou for your comments, I have found more pics and have been sent a few from a lady who has just purchased an appartment at La Roche Hue, so will be posting later...


  5. Wonderful model he did, what a guy!!

  6. Archie was a friend of the grandest variety. The model looks magnificent sitting there, a priceless treasure. How sad you lost them both so close together.