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Monday, March 2, 2009


YUP! That dreaded lurgy, the common cold!

One kiss on the cheek at a gathering was all it took, and we were both hooked. True to form three days later the signs began to arrive! Sore throat, sleepless nights, am I piling it on thick enough? What is about cold that turns the clock back for most of us and we become dependant snivellers in need of cosseting? Ot is it just me?It did not spoil our holiday though, in fact it improved my partners' greatly, because I completely lost my voice -did I hear a snigger?

You know that old adage, Feed a cold, starve a fever? Well I have just found out that it is actually correct -- see; As a result of reading this article I am getting through lots of cups of tea and coffee, and must surely put on a few pounds with the amount of food that I am enjoying- so its not too bad!

Enough of this! Let me show you a some of the photos we took on our short travels.

The snow in Switzerland seen through the window of our camper.- It wasn't very deep when we were passing through, so didn't get any lovely snowy pictures;

Our camper parked up for the night! It looks deserted, that's because it was! not the time of year I suppose. This was just below Lyon on our way to the Var in the south of France -- in search of the sun!

The lovely clear blue skies of the south, and the beautiful tree-lined road so typical of this country. This was taken south of Montelimar. Toujours en route.

The vignes looking so dry and cropped in their stony earth, which will burst forth shortly into a luscious green, changing what looks a bleak landscape into a land full of promise.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this lovely old gnarled tree, with a manoir behind. This was in the Var just south of Brignoles in a 'petit village' called Besse sur Isles.

Finally the beach at Nice. A group of schoolchildren are chanting and dancing with their two teachers, whilst their picnic lunches await in their casually tossed bags, and the sun shines on!
I look forward to taking up my Chateau story again tomorrow. à demain.


  1. Nice to have you back, and nice pics. Hope your cold gets better soon, and look forward to tomorrow's up-date.

  2. Thankyou Akim, it's so good to be back again,perhaps I shall allow myself a good old fashioned remedy tonight Hot whisky and lemon!!

  3. Hi Delphine, The Hot Toddy sounds like it should make things right again or at least feel like it..

    Very beautiful beach shot!! welcome home!!

  4. Well good you're back and hope you get feeling better soon. I enjoyed all the photos...

  5. hi delphine,
    its nice you're back and thank s for your report. old tree foto is so great!
    my best whishes for health
    blessed be

  6. Thankyou Gwen, Sandy and Sonyana, must admit to feeling a bit better today, and glad you like the photos, I am hoping to get a better camera soon, no real zoom on the digitals!

  7. dear Delphine,
    thanks for visit my blog
    in future I'll try (mostly) my posts also to write in English. maybe you enter my blog again and see for yourself.
    greetings from Vienna

  8. Thanks Sonyana, I will certainly visit you again,perhaps I might pick up a little of your language.

  9. Thanks for the virtual vacation, Delphine!

  10. Oh Hooray! You're back. I'm quite hooked on your story. Lovely pictures. Especially the tree lined road.