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Monday, March 16, 2009


A birds eye view of my beloved Chateau. I must say that out of all my Chateau homes, this one is my favourite!

The finished gallery or one end of it, note we have added a Bar! Luckily a class four bar licence came up for sale in the village, so we decided to buy it. We hadn't worked out who would be the one to work in the evenings - I guess we were going to draw straws for that one!

The gymnasium was now finished, this is Victoria's boyfriend trying it out. I was excited and made all sorts of resolutions to work off the pounds gained from all the fantastic breads and patisseries and cheeses of France . Did I ? well, I think I used it about three times! So much for the good intentions!

Last picture of the day -- the games room! Visiting friends ' having a go'. The pool table was great and we all got quite competitive about that. Table tennis - I am hopeless at that.

So everything was ready for the customers except for the apartments, they were taking longer to complete than we had anticpated , and we had taken a ' group booking' of young people for our Easter opening!


  1. wonderful gaming room, and the overview of your place just takes the cake- a fairytale.

  2. Was it you who took the aerial view? It's so fun to see it from above.

    That must have felt great knowing young people wanted to come enjoy the place! Except the apartments weren't ready. Yikes, more pins and needles.

  3. Maggie May, and Ruth, yes the games room was fun, for us as well as the visitors and the big window overlooked the grounds.

    The marvellous arial shot was taken by my son-in-law who went up in a 'Montgolfière' . A group of hot air balloonists stayed at the Chateau. I will be posting about that with pictures,in a short while.

  4. You really went all out when it came to the details you included in your Chateau.. nothing was over looked.. fir for a king!!! and Queen!!

    What a huge undertaking.. How many hours a day did you work?

  5. Delphine,
    I was so thrilled that you took the time to leave a little comment on my blog. Thank you so much! I am so excited to see the progress on your house (and a wee bit envious too). :)

    My wife and I lived in Germany (Kaiserslautern) for about five years (while in the military) and we visited France often. I still have a very warm place in my heart for the french countryside and dream often of returning. As a side note, one of my life-goals is to vist my ancestral home of Briançon someday.

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us (me). I wish you the very best and know that you've got one Yank pulling for you!

  6. Beautiful! But you were living on the edge, weren't you? Did you sleep well at night? I would have been a basket case!

  7. Don't ask Gwen, there were 16 workmen eventually, but not all the time, that is apart from us. We had employed casual French labour from the unemployment bureau, as i mentioned in one post. As for ourselves we worked on a daily basis-- but had fun as well!The total work took from January 1989 when we moved in , up to the night before we opened ,at Easter 1990! So, a long time!

  8. Thankyou so much for your comments Matt and welcome! Do visit your ancestral home in Briançon-- I have never been there myself, but follow your dream if you can. I have visited Germany a few times, but France has always been my " deuxiéme patrie".

  9. Cottage Girl, your comment made me smile! If only you knew how fraught we became at times, particularly as opening day drew nearer- it was at times like that that I used to go and sit on my own by the lake, water always calms me.

  10. Delphine, I have just read through all of your posts about this wonderful fairy tale! I am enthralled with your story and can't wait for the next installment. Please don't keep us waiting long!

  11. great photos!! That is one beautiful room!! isn't that always the way, well for me, you think you'll use a gym and then it sits.