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Friday, May 8, 2009


Last week I posted on my other blog ,about a walk on the wild side in my grounds, watching the demise of my trees. Today I took another walk with Chris on the real wild side at a nearby superb animal park.... is called Parc le Pal and is nestled in 100's of acres of grounds, with over 500 animals, rides, roller coasters, restaurants, cinema, and spectacles with eagles, seals and parrots etc. Truly a fantastic day out for all the family! This is where Chris and I went today and I thought you might like to join us for a while.....

Hello! do come in to my enclosure and meet my friends...

This is Joeph, my best friend, he is quite old and he has a wonky horn!!

OOOOH! But my other one is O.K. !!

" Now listen here, guys & gals, if we huddle together against these rocks they won't spot us!

"Tut! Florrie and Amy are always titivating! They think they are better than us!!

" Now where did Petula go? can't see her anywhere!"

" Coooeee sh's behind you!!"

" Come on Pet, up this hill, show them what you can do!"

" What a fuss! We don't have to do anything to show off, just display our great headgear!!"

" What is wrong with everybody today! They are all complaining! Keep quiet, I am trying to do a job here!"

" They advertised them as 'des. res.' ! Which one is yours? Mine has 2 bedrooms!"

And so the chatter went on...

Chris and I just smiled and strolled hand in hand...what a perfect day


  1. Animals are so funny looking sometimes. My husband just spent all day every day this week at the zoo with his 3rd graders for the Big Zoo Lesson. They always have a grand time.

  2. i am smiling now! what a great post! that little elephant is a darling...

  3. :D This made me smile - thank you!

  4. Bonjour Ruth,I love just being around animals,what you see is what you get- no wonder children love them!

  5. Isnt she gorgeous kritter Keeper, I wanted to take her home with me - could you just imagine !

  6. Me too Maggie May, I think their stripes go through to their skin like tigers!

  7. Hello to you Kendalee! I am always delighted when I make people smile! I was smiling all afternoon around the animals.

  8. Oh those photos are lovely. I always laugh at monkeys, can't resist them. What a brilliant day you must have had.

    Delphine is there a bit of Geordie in you, calling the little elephant Pet?

  9. What a great animal park you have near you! I love the penguins!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Oh we did Winifred, absolutely brilliant! , Made such a nice change from gardening!!! No not from geordie land, I am a Londoner, born and bred south east London.

  11. hello Jam, thankyou, and you have a good weekend too!

  12. If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it, chatting with a chimp in chimpanzee!

    Nice trip to the wild places, Delphine!

  13. Ah Susan now that is a line from a song isn't it? Was it from Doctor Doolittle?

  14. Great photos.

    What neat French critters do you have around the Chateau?

  15. It sounds like a perfect outing to me. I enjoyed all of the photos and added dialogue.

  16. You never know where bloggerville will take you. Sooooo glad I can across yours today. What fun!