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Monday, May 4, 2009



I have been tagged - for the first time by the lovely Susan! this should be fun, my task is to record " SIX UNIMPORTANT THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY "

so here we go ........

1) Laying down in the bath, watching my boobs float to the surface looking perky again!

2) Picking dead skin off of my feet -- disgustingly good!

3) Driving the car with the top down!

4) Setting off in the motorhome -- destination unknown!

5) Memories of hop-picking as a child with my Mum!

6) Waking up next to my man!

Now I have been told I have to choose six new bloggers to tag ! I expect you are all flinching now, so my six lucky people are:-

Cheryl Ann at Desertswest

Jan at Jans'place

Dewlish at A short history of nearly nobody

Lala at My castle in Spain

So that is it for today, good luck to the new taggers.......


  1. Thanks for the tag honor!! I will be contemplating my deep answers.. and this will give me fodder for tomorrows blog!

    Thanks.. heck maybe we can come golf at your golf course someday!

    Jan :)

  2. LOL Delphine, you cracked me up with those first two! Thanks for playing!


  3. Love the chart, too! That's what got me started laughing!

  4. Are you sure they are all unimportant? ... like wakening up with your man! Who else? :-)

  5. Delphine, I'm sorry, but I'm going to pass on the tag, at least on this blog. I've been tagged and scrapped on my deserthorses one, however! Thank you for thinking of me! Hey, your profile pic looks a lot like me! I had curls, too, and a pretty pink dress like that one! Of course, I was only 5 years old!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  6. Been trying to think if anything in my life is unimportant...hee hee!!

  7. Well done Jan's Place! I look forward to reading your 6 things! Ah, sorry, the golf course story was nearly 18 years ago! I have moved three times since then.. Good luck with the tag!

  8. tee hee, so pleased you found my first two 'things' amusing ,Susan! I was a bit worried after I had published, but still giggling!

  9. You know, Peter, you are right! Of course it isn't an unimportant thing waking up next to Chris, but I guess I just wanted to include him in my happy thinking!

  10. Don't worry, Cheryl Ann , it is perhaps , an imposition on anyone chosen, and when you are doing the choosing , it is tricky if you don't know if they have already taken part.

  11. Akim, that sounds if you are going to give it a go- well done, I shall pop in to see your 6 things!

  12. The first one made me laugh. Water is a fabulous thing for older ladies, meaning myself, not you of course. Ha ha I can actually exercise without pain in the pool. Love it!

  13. Hello Brenda, I think the old adage is true- we are as old as we feel! Well-being depends a lot on moods, I think! Water does help enormously, I know that if I feel down, I go take a bath- it puts things in perspective. The clever ones say it's ' going back to the womb'! Perhaps they are right!

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