MY HOME IS A CASTLE--the tale of how and why I became a chatelain , four times .This is my present home. If you are visiting for the first time you may care to read the older posts first.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well where to start?  For anyone who remembers me, please accept my apologies for abruptly disapearing  but I am afraid a major health problem cropped up, one that has been monopolising my life for the past four years. However on the bright side I am still around and kicking ( sort of ) so today I decided to leave a hello note on my blog.

To pass time whilst immobile I  decided to write a book about my passion for ' la vie du chateaux' but now even after 28,000 words I  am  doubting my writing ability, and whether the subject matter is interesting enough, so the eagerness to continue is waning.  I am , at present, living with my partner plus  an afghan hound and three donkeys, in the fourth Château here in the Auvergne. It is an extremely pretty building in a wonderful setting, however we have lived here now for six years and  the urge to move is cropping up again  . My ancestors must all have been nomads!  I think the present  inactive property market will solve that problem for me , but I would be interested in what you think?

Until my next blog, keep well and happy everyone
au revoir! x